Gumout returns for more fun with Vaughn Gittin Jr.

3 April, 2015 Motorsports, Press Release

Gumout returns for more fun with Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Gumout returns for more fun with Vaughn Gittin Jr., Adds Formula Drift Sponsorship for 2015

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Houston, TX (April 3, 2015) Vaughn Gittin Jr proclaims himself as a “professional fun-haver” – if you look it up, there’s probably a bearded avatar there next to the description.

That said, for Gumout Performance Additives, the fun was too much not to return for another year. In 2015, Gumout will increase its presence on Gittin’s Ford Mustang RTR as it looks for more wins and a championship in the Formula Drift Series presented by GoPro (FD).

“Last year was a blast,” quipped Gittin Jr. laughing. “We had a ton of fun with the Gumout crew. We traveled the world, won a couple of events, and we made some friends and believers of their products.

In addition to Gumout, Gittin’s RTR will shine on and off the track thanks to Black Magic and it’s suite of car care products. If you’ve been to a Formula Drift event, you know it’s rare to see a dirty set of wheels or tires in the parking lot.

“I am pumped to bring Black Magic on board as well. They’re #1 in tire shine for a reason and my team is pumped at how much easier it is to clean the brake dust and rubber off of our wheels using the Black Magic wheel cleaners.

Gumout and Black Magic are also adding the Formula Drift presented by GoPro series to their back pocket with a sponsorship in 2015. The success of combining the two programs last year led to a formal marriage this year.

“Formula D did a really nice job helping us get our program with Vaughn out there to the enormous Drift demo and really opened our eyes as to how big Drifting has become,” said Rusty Waples, Global Brand Manager at ITW. “We’re all about car culture at Gumout and Black Magic – we want people’s cars to run and look their absolute best. So we’re going bigger this year to support FD’s car scene and are really excited about the partnership and what we can do together.”

Vaughn Gittin Jr will open the FD season in Long Beach, California on April 10th with a plan simply to win and podium – as often as possible.

“This series has become so tough,” said Gittin. It is the constant progression and overall challenges that have kept me coming back to FD for the last 12 years. This year is all about going out there fighting hard and taking it one battle at a time. I am feeling awesome and pumped to throw down!”

In addition to a new year of Formula Drift, Gumout will launch their “You Get My Drift” Sweepstakes at the same time. A lucky winner will take home a brand new custom 2015 Ford Mustang RTR.

“The 2015 Ford Mustang RTR is without question our best ever. We have added some of the elements from my 2015 livery as well as custom red powder coated wheels to make this a one of a kind Mustang RTR . I am pumped too that the Gumout and Black magic crew are about to put a huge smile on someones face when I personally give it away to a lucky winner at SEMA this year and take them for a very fun ride!”

For information on how to enter to win, go to for all the details.


About Gumout: Since 1945, Gumout has been America’s trusted performance additives brand – they have earned this trust by providing high quality products that consumers need to get the most out of every mile. Gumout products have been proven in the lab, on the street and on the track using cutting edge technology that maximizes performance in any type of vehicle.



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