Brand Overview

Two multi-ethnic young men in vocational school, taking a class on reparing diesel engines.  They are working on an engine that has had parts painted different colors for training purposes.  They are wearing safety glasses. The focus is on the Hispanic man.

Designed as a replacement for conventional gaskets, The Right Stuff® premier instant gasket maker is an elastomeric “formed-in-place” material that is more reliable and longer lasting than pre-cut gaskets, and a fraction of the cost. It is blowout resistant and protects against leaks and seepage caused by vibration and thermal expansion. Formulated to meet or exceed performance standards for long-term seal-ability, durability and handling, this material is used on OEM production lines and specified in their service parts programs. The Right Stuff allows you to custom fit gaskets to any shape or size for different applications quickly and easily and return equipment to service immediately!